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How to Shorten Jeans

keeping the Original Hem.

How to Shorten Jeans keeping the original hem

Wanna Shorten Jeans while keeping the Original Hem? Here's the easiest way to do it in a glance!

Keeping the original hem enables you to keep the original look of the jeans. That is useful cause it can often be hard to match jeans stitching. Also, it is especially good when you want the option to let the length down later.

For learning the tricky technique, check out the below steps and watch the video Tutorial.

The Steps

  • Put your jeans on and turn up the hem on the outside of the jeans to the length you want the newly finished hem to be. Make sure you are wearing the shoes or heels that you will pair with the jeans.

How to Shorten Jeans keeping the original hem

  • Once you have folded the jeans up, put some pins and take your jeans off. Measure the length you need to shorten jeans (for example 3 cm / 1,2 inches).

How to Shorten Jeans keeping the original hem

  • Fold your hem wider so as the length from hem to edge is now the amount you want to reduce (for example 3 cm / 1,2 inches). Pin along the edge. *Safety pins are better than regular ones as you won't stab yourself trying to get the jeans off.

How to Shorten Jeans keeping the original hem

  • Sew a straight line right below the original hemline. Do not sew on the hem but just below it.

  • If folding results in too much bulk, you can cut below the stitching and zigzag or serger the edges to prevent fraying. Press the seam upwards.

  • Turn the jeans the right way out and give the new hems a good press along the seam line.

Video Tutorial

Click bellow to watch this technique in action!

Some more Tips

  • Before you start fold the jeans and match the side seams and the inner leg seams as well to ensure that both legs are the same.

  • Note that this technique works for straight leg pants, either tight or wide leg and is not recommended for baggy or flared lines.

  • Make sure your denim has been pre-washed and ironed because this helps to soften the fabric.

  • Pick a bobbin in the color that matches the rest of the jeans.

  • Use sharp, specialty denim needles and strong thread.

  • Remove the pins as you sew. Do not sew over them.

  • Go slowly, especially over the side seams!


So, here's the alteration of my own Jeans :)

Hope this post is helpful for you!
Enjoy sewing!!!
Sophie xxx


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