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How to sew a WELT SEAM

Updated: Apr 28

Learn how to sew a Welt Seam in a glance!

How to sew a welt seam

A Welt seam or otherwise Faux Flat Felled Seam, is a type of seam that has been sewn flat by first stitching on the wrong side and then securing it on the right side.

It is ideal when we are sewing heavier fabrics, needing stronger seams and less bulk, that is why we usually use it on the inside of jeans or canva makes. However, it is many times also used just for decorative reasons.

The welt seam at it's outer side looks like the French seam or the Flat Felled Seam, because it is a closed seam and is double stitched. Nevertheless, it has the advantage of not incurring so much bulk as the other two. 

Watch our video tutorial and read the steps bellow. You'll learn how to sew a Welt Seam in a glance!

Watch the Video Tutorial!

The Steps

  • Place fabrics right side to right side and stitch to attach at 1,3 cm / 0,5 inches.

  • Finish both pieces together, using a serger.

  • Fold the seam allowance towards one side.

  • Make a good press at the seam on both sides of the fabric.

  • Sew a stitching line right on the serger seam.

  • Sew the second stitching line right beside the seam.

  • You’re done!!

Interested in learning more finishing seams?

Learn how to sew the famous FRENCH SEAM here!

Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx


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