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How to sew a FRENCH SEAM

Learn how to sew a FRENCH SEAM wathing a Video Tutorial and reading the Sewing Steps. The elevated seam finish will make your garments feel really special!

How to sew a French Seam

A French Seam encases the raw edges within the seam with two separate stitches creating a clean look on both the face and wrong sides of the garment.

The French Seam is ideal for sheer or lightweight fabrics that are easily damaged by zig zag or serging finishes. Note that it is bulkier than a regular seam because there are 4 layers of fabric on it.

This sewing technique is easy enough even for a beginner!

To make a proper French Seam, you have to be using a seam allowance of at least 3/8'' or 1cm. In the rarely case your pattern doesn’t have that much seam allowance, simply re-trace your pattern piece and add a little more before cutting out the fabric.

The Sewing Steps

  • Place fabric right side to right side and sew a seam at  3/8” (1 cm).

  • Fold both seam allowances together towards one side and press well, on both sides of fabric. Then, fold placing the fabric wrong side to wrong side and press right on the seam.

  • Make a stitching line on the right side of fabric, at the distance that seam allowances are encased.

  • Fold the seam towards one side and make another stitching line, attaching the seam with the piece, near the edge. You're done!

Watch a Video Turorial

Interested in learning more finishing seams? 

Learn how to sew a WELT SEAM here!

Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx


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