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How to sew a Basic Zipper

Learn how to sew a Basic Zipper! Works for clothes, bags or upholstery fabrics.

How to sew a Basic Zipper

Zippers are often additions to clothes, bags, and upholstery makes so you can easily open and close them. Basic zippers are their most common type. They are usually made from a polyester material and may have plastic or metal teeths.

Learning how to sew a Basic Zipper may seem like a difficult task if you’re a sewing newbie, however it's super easy when you to do it properly.

So, let's get on it! Read bellow the steps, some tips and watch our video tutorial. You'll learn this super useful skill in a glance!

The Steps

  • Pin one side of the zipper face-down to the edge of a fabric piece. Lay the piece of fabric down flat so the good side is face-up. Place the zipper face-down on the fabric so the right edge aligns with the fabric. Put some pins through the zipper and fabric every few cm, for holding it in place.

  • Using the zipper foot of your sewing machine and the basic straight stitch, sew (at as closer you can go) alongside the zipper teeth. *Start the needle at the top of the zipper fabric and don't forget to backstitch.

  • Lay the second piece of fabric face-up and place the other side of zipper on it. Lay the unsewn side of the zipper face-down along the right edge of the second fabric piece, just like you did with the first one. Again, secure the zipper with pins and stitch alongside. Place your stitching line at the same distance from the zipper's teeths, as you did on the other side, so they look alike.

  • Turn the zipper and fabric over so they’re face-up and topstitch alongside the zipper at both sides.

Some more Tips

  • In case you can not find a zipper that has the perfect length which means the same length as the fabric’s edge, get one that’s slightly longer than what you need.

  • In case you can not find an exact matching zipper color, it's better the zipper's color to be darker from your fabric and not the opposite.

  • Move the zipper pull halfway down the teeth before you start so you don’t bump it with your needle when you start sewing.

  • As you sew down the length of the zipper, pull out the pins before the foot crosses over them.

Watch the Video Tutorial!

Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx


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