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How to Sew Bias Binding (Video Tutorial)

Updated: Feb 23

Learn the two best methods for sewing a Bias Binding.

How to sew bias binding

Bias binding is a nice, tidy finish for the raw edges of a garment.

Binding of armholes and necklines are the most common uses of these versatile tapes. Nevertheless, you can also bind the edges of pockets, bags, skirt and shirt hems, slits of blouses – mostly in a contrasting or complimentary colors so that they stand out.

Bias tape can be easily made at home (fabric strip must be cut 45 degrees to the selvedge), or you can purchase it pre-made. Eitherway, the stitching methods are the same.

There are two ways to finish the bias binding. Method one in our tutorial is the Visible binding. That is when your tape 'hugs' your fabric, so it's visible at both inner and outer sides.

How to sew bias binding
Visible binding

Method two is the Fully turned inside. That is when the bias tape is visible only at the inner side of your garment and there is only a stitching line on the outer side.

How to sew bias binding
Fully turned inside

Watch our Video Tutorial to learn sewing a Bias binding in both methods!

Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx



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