How to sew an all-in-one facing | The burrito method

Updated: Feb 24

This tutorial will guide you step by step through a tricky technique for perfectly finishing neck & armhole openings with facing. It is sometimes called as the 'the burrito method'. It is not as difficult as it seams if you have never done it before. Just follow the steps and enjoy!

In this tutorial main body fabric is striped while facings are white.

if your bodice has bust darts, start by stitching them first. I recommend to stitch them from the point to wide end.

Place fabrics right side to right side and stitch shoulder seams of bodice and of facing. Press seams to open.

Place opened bodice and facing having right side to right side. Pin & stitch at the opposite side, all around neckline.

Trim neckline seam allowance in a few spots.

Lay the bodice flat in front of you, right side out. Starting from one side, roll it tightly until you get to the next shoulder.

Now, unfold the facing along the armhole edge and flip it over to encase the rolled section.

You are making a tube attaching armhole bodice & facing edges, with the rest of the bodice inside it.

You can see that fabric is now wrong side out. Pin along the armcycle, making sure you don't catch the fabric that is rolled inside and sew the seam allowance.

Pull the fabric that's rolled up, inside out. From the front bodice part just pull the rolled fabric through the tuve you've made.

You've now completed one side. Check your finished armhole.

Do exactly the same for the other side. Place top opened, roll, pin, stitch the armhole as before and pull the rolled fabric out.

Having wrong side out, turn over the facing & stitch all side seam at once. Do the same for the other side. Finish bodice hem.

And that's it! You're done.

You can use this sewing trick for sewing our gorgeous Aster top or for any other sleeveless garment.

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