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How to sew a welt pocket

Updated: Feb 23

Learn a simplified way to sew welt pockets. Will give you great results every time!

How to sew a welt pocket

Welt pockets are super cozy!!

They add a professional look to your garments. These pockets aren't really hard to do. Nevertheless, the first one you sew, does require that you pay attention to all the little details, in order to get it right. Read this post and watch the video tutorial for a few times to get a good grasp of the process before you dive in :) . You'll be able to make the perfect pocket!

Things you need to have

- Two pocket pieces (Welt piece & pocket bag).

- The part of the garment you'll attach the pocket.

- Interfacing fabric (Slightly bigger than the welt's dimension).

- A ruler.

- Scissors.

- A marking tool. *In the video tutorial, I've used a water soluble pen but you can also use a chalk.

Watch the video tutorial

How to sew a welt pocket step by step

1. Mark the welt placement on your garment.

2. On the welt piece, following the patterns marking, iron to attach the interfacing piece on it's wrong side and then mark the welt opening over it.

3. Place the welt piece over the garment, right side to right side and stitch all around welt, to attach them.

4. Cut the welt opening (until the stitching corners).

5. Push the welt piece through the opening.

6. Iron the seam allowances.

7. Fold the welt piece to close the opening gap, pin it in place and iron it.

8. Sew down the inner little triangles.

9. Make a topstitching right beside the two sides of the welt.

10. Sew to attach the pocket bag to the welt piece.

You're done! Do a happy dance!!!!

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!

Sophie xxx


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