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How to sew a Shirt Collar with a stand

Updated: Feb 23

Love making button up shirts? Read this post for learning how to sew a Shirt Collar.

How to sew a shirt collar with a stand

How to sew a shirt collar may seem intimidating if you never have done it before. Nevertheless, it's an easy and useful sewing skill. Read this post, watch the video tutorial and remember that all sewing tasks get easier with every pass :)

What is a Collar?

A collar is a piece of fabric around the neck of a shirt, dress, jacket or coat. It either stands up or folds over depending on the design. A collar works by having two pieces of fabric: a top piece and a bottom piece. The bottom piece is called the under collar.

Generally, both pieces of the collar are cut exactly the same and one is then interfaced.

What is Collar stand?

A collar that “stands up” against the neck is known as a Stand Collar. The stand piece or otherwise collar band, is a separate part from the collar. The stand gives the collar its height.

Interfacing the collar

It’s very important to add interfacing to a collar, because it adds strength, stability and durability. An uninterfaced collar is floppy, won’t stand up, and gets wrinkled quickly and easily when washed. An interfaced collar is firm, stands up, won’t curl up at the points, and holds it’s shape when washed.

Watch my video tutorial for learning how to sew a shirt Collar

Instructions step by step

- Sew the two collar pieces together having them placed right side to right side.

- Trim the points of the Collar.

- Turn the collar right side out through the neck edge. Using a pin, carefully poke the collar's corners out.

- Press the collar. Without any ironing, the collar will start to curl.

- Make a topstitching around the sides and the top edge.

- Place the two stand pieces right side to right side and put your collar in between.

- Match perfectly the center of your collar to the center of your stand pieces.

- Place some pins to stabilize you pieces and stitch.

- Turn your stand to the right side out and press it.

You should now have a perfectly sewn collar. Congratulations!

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!

Sophie xxx


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