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Sewing tutorial : How to sew a Notched Collar

Updated: Feb 23

Learn the perfect way to sew a Notched Collar, watching a video tutorial!

sewing tutorial, how to sew a notch collar

A notched collar (or «tailored collar») is one of the most flattering collar styles! So, it's seen in many sorts of garments such as shirts, tailored jackets, coats, vests, dresses and pyjama tops.

The collar is composed of an upper collar, an under collar and two lapels. And it gets its name from a little notch that is formed between the collar and the lapel. Among all collars, this collar takes a special place because of it's method of construction. This particular type of collar is formed by folding over the front edges of your garment exposing what in other collars is usually hidden: the facing and the under collar. So, the lapel as you see it is coming from the facing on the inside and the collar is actually your under collar.

The sewing technique of a nothed collar it's easier than the traditional's shirt collar. Watch our video tutorial and you’ll be able to achieve flawless results in all your garments!

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you! As all sewing techniques, it gets easier with every pass!

Enjoy sewing!

Sophie xxx


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