FREE PATTERN - Circle knit top

Updated: May 8

Make a circle knit top in no time!

This is an easy sewing project!

You will need:

Knit fabric - Dimensions: 120 x 104 cm or 47 1/4 x 41 inches.

Paper, Pencil, Ruler

Scissor or rotary cutter

Sewing machine

Matching thread

At first, follow bellow diagram to draft your pattern on a paper. Start from making the rectangle and then proceed with the details. Mark the cross point at last, by placing a ruler from the left neck corner to the bottom indicated point, where you have to make a notch.

Fold your fabric twice, as indicated bellow.

Put your pattern on it and cut. Make sure to mark your fabric at the cross points.

Unfold once. When using knit fabrics I many times like to leave row edges. Luckily they do not fray and have a fashionable look. However , if you want to finish your neckline and hem, this is the right time to do it by using a zig zag stitch or a twin needle.

Having folded in half, sew from the cross point to the notch at both sides.

Your top is ready!!! Enjoy!

Sophie xxx

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