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How to adjust jeans waistband

Updated: Feb 23

Do you have jeans that do not fit you in the back waist? Luckily, there is a super easy way to fix that. No sewing machine is required.

How to adjust jeans waistband

You will need:

- Seam ripper

- Safety pin

- buttonhole elastic of 2,5 cm /1” width in about 25 cm / 10’’ length

- 2 buttons

- Needle and thread

(Buttonhole elastic is an elastic with buttonholes into its center that run the length.)


Adjust jeans waistband

Let's see how we can fix bellow waistband fault!

How to adjust jeans waistband

Start by using the seam ripper to make a hole in the inside of the jeans waistband. As shown at the photo I have made them at about the center of the front part. Take care not to rip off the outside of waistband. Do the same at the other side of garment.

How to adjust jeans waistband

Now, sew the buttons just beside the holes towards the front. Make careful small stitches so they are not visible from the outer side of the waistband.

How to adjust jeans waistband

Thread a safety pin through one end of the elastic and thread it into the waistband. Push constantly the safety pin until it comes out from the other hole.

How to adjust jeans waistband

Secure the elastic by placing the buttons into the buttonholes.

How to adjust jeans waistband

Try on your jeans and pull the elastic to tighten until the back of the jeans sits flat against you and the waist feels comfortable. Try to sit down to make sure you aren’t pulling it too tight. Rearrange the buttonholes if it’s needed and cut of the spare elastic. READY!

How to adjust jeans waistband

When you take off your jeans, waistband may look quite gathered, but once they are on, gathering will be much less noticeable.

Hope this was helpful!

Sophie xxx

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