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How to make fluffy scrunchies

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

For my hair or for my hand, I like my scrunchies fluffy !

This is a tutorial of how a make them.

It only take a few minutes & it is a perfect project for using up scrap pieces of lightweight fabrics.

What you will need:

  • a piece of fabric 70 x 15 cm (27,5 x 5,9 inches)

  • an elastic of 1cm width – 20 cm (7,8 inches) length

  • a safety pin

  • sewing machine

  • needle & thread

- Cut the piece of fabric

- Fold it in the middle, pin & sew from edge to edge.

- Turn the tube inside out.

Put a safety pin in your elastic. Place it into the cube & pull it inside, until it comes out from the other edge.

Attach the two elastic edges at the sewing machine. I prefer to sew them twice to be secured.

Place the one fabric edge inside the other & fold towards inside the outer one.

With a needle and matching thread sew all around to attach the fabric.

You are done! Enjoy!!

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