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How to lay out & cut pattern pieces

Updated: Feb 23

In this post you'll find tips and a video tutorial for making these steps in the right way.

sewing tips for beginners _ how to lay out and cut pattern pieces

The way you'll lay out your fabric and cut the pattern pieces is crucial for having nice sewing projects! So, here are some important tips:

Prepare your fabric

- Wash or dry clean your fabric so you ensure that any shrinkage will happen before you cut out your sewing project. Also, any excess dyes or chemicals from the fabric's production process will be removed.

- Press your fabric after washing. You should never cut a wrinkled fabric.

- Fold your fabric in a half placing the one selvage edge over the other and lay it out flat. I suggest you put it's right side to the inside.

Place the pattern pieces

- In your pattern's instructions file you'll find a layout guide for placing the pattern pieces over your fabric. If not, give some time to find out how to place your pattern on your fabric with the less waiste.

- Measure to make sure that grainline is placed parallel to the selvage in all pattern pieces.

Follow the old wise saying 'Measure twice, cut once' :)

- Secure your pieces in place with pattern weights or some pins.


Cut with a scissors doing long, steady strokes or use a rotary cutter and cutting mat having a ruler as a guide on the straight edges. While you cut, remember to also use your free hand for stabilizing everything in place.


Watch the video tutorial

Hope this tutorial was helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx


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