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Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Fabric shopping online is nowadays easier and convenient than ever!

For most of us sewists, to touch and ‘feel’ the fabric before buying it, is an irreplaceable experience. However,during this difficult quarantine period, online fabric shopping along with downloadable PDF sewing patterns (I hope you prefer ours) are great solutions for covering our needs. And even if you are not yet familiar with it, I‘d suggest to start trying it. You’ll see that you can find a huge variety of fabrics and all kinds of trims in no time and in really competitive prices. Start searching from the shops that are physically located nearer to your country because delivering time will be faster & shipping costs cheaper than from those who are too far away from you. Nevertheless, I have to admit that I’ve many times ordered from Canadian @Blackbirdfabrics althought I live in Greece (it's in the other side of planet!) and I haven’t regret it.

There are so many online fabric shops, that a complete list could be endless.

So, I’ve picked and share with you my favorite ones. To be honest I haven’t shoped from all these (yet)! The small comment I write for each one is not an objective description but my personal point of view. Enjoy!

ENGLAND Huge variety of fabrics and all kind of trims. High quality and trendy fabrics. Large collection of fabrics. Stylish, high quality with awesome solid colors fabrics. Designer fabrics & sewing accessories The world's most beautiful florals! Pretty apparel fabrics.

DENMARK Find tencel, sustainable fabrics & cashmere.

SWITZERLAND Pretty printed jersey, viscose and dressmaking fabrics.

JAPAN Modern lovable Japanese fabrics.

NEW ZEALAND Fashion fabrics with a focus on natural fibres.

CANADA Really beautiful, up-to-date and good quality fabrics.

NEW YORK Mostly designer's, high quality apparel fabrics.

Los Angeles Really huge collection of apparel fabrics.

Please note that this article has not advertising purpose and none of this is an affiliate link.

I hope you find this useful! My next article I intent to be about tips & advices for shopping fabrics. So stay tuned with the blog!

Sophie xxx

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