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How to choose the perfect fabric for your sewing project!

Updated: Feb 23

Read 10 useful Tips!

How to choose the perfect fabric for your sewing project

Choosing the perfect fabric for your sewing project can greatly impact the final result of your sewing make.

To be honest, I've made too many mistakes on my fabric choices when I started to sew my own clothes. That was about 20 years ago :). So, I've decided to share with you the key points I've learned through my experience and also include section for suggested fabrics in all my Sewing Patterns. Hope this article will help you at your fabric choices and will give you a jump-start for your next sewing projects!

sewing patterns_how to choose fabrics for your sewing makes

Tips for selecting the Style of the Fabric

📌 Choose a fabric with a colour and a pattern that matches with your personal style. After all, one of the best benefits of sewing our own clothes is our freedom to create our own style.

📌 Think about it's matching with the rest garments of your gardrobe. Either they are me made or boughted.

📌 If you eye catches a pairing fabric, it's better to purchase it at the same time than leave it for later. Sewing whole me-made outfits it's more handy than sewing your garments one by one.

📌 Think about the occasions you'll be wearing your sewing project. Is the fabric's look and style appropriate?

📌 It is always smart to consult your local fabric shops. Fabric resellers have a good understanding of different fabrics, know how to pair fabrics with sewing patterns and are therefore a great resource of information.

📌 Imagine your garment's final result!

Tips for selecting the Quality of the Fabric

📌 Make sure that the quality is appropriate for the pattern you'll gone use. Be advised by your sewing pattern, it must include section for suggested fabrics.

📌 Choose a fabric and project that matches your sewing skill level. Slippery fabrics are the most tricky to handle, so they are suggested for intermediate and advanced levels. If you are a beginner sewist, fabrics with a high cotton content are the more handy ones.

📌 Check out and consider Fabric drape. That is the way a fabric hangs under it's own weight. It has an important bearing on how good your finished garment will look in use.

📌 Think about fabric's comfort and it's withstand on frequent wear.

📌 Check out it's washing instructions. Anyways, it's better to wash it before you start using it.

sewing patterns, how to choose fabrics for your sewing makes

Tips for Fabric Types

There is an unlimited number of fabric types – combinations of weaves, fibres and finishes. A basic grading is by their quality.

Fabrics are either natural, synthetic or a combination of both so the qualities of the fabrics are combined.

Natural That means that the fabrics are created from natural sources, for example: cotton, denim, silk, linen and wool.

Synthetic This means that the fabrics are created using man-made fibres, for example: polyester, nylon, acrylic, Spandex, jersey and microfibre.

A mixture of this two is the most common you'll find nowadays.

Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx


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