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Updated: Feb 23

Yes! You can sew up gorgeous Clothes using Easy Sewing Patterns!

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Have you just started your sewing journey and you're looking for new Sewing Patterns? Or, you just wanna sew a simple, fast project? Then, this post is perfect for you!

Learn how to choose a beginners friendly Sewing Pattern and discover our category with Easy sewing patterns. You'll be surprised with how many different easy sewing patterns, suitable also for beginners, can result beautiful garments! Our suggested Patterns include all the tools you need to make a garment. They have detailed sewing instructions, fabric suggestions and requirements and are easy to complete. For extra help you can also find many useful tutorials on our Blog.

Tips for choosing a Beginners friendly Sewing Pattern.

  • Before you order, make sure that the Sewing Pattern includes detailed Instructions.

  • Choose a Sewing Pattern that has just a few pattern pieces to sew together. That means, no more than six pieces.

  • Choose a Sewing Pattern that includes the seam allowances, as it's more handy for the beginning.

  • Prefer simple garments that don't require notions like zippers or buttons.

  • Pick loose fitting silhouettes which will require less attention to the perfect measurements and fitting.

  • Avoid Patterns that recommend or require a lining.

  • Make sure that at least one of the suggested fabric qualities is suitable for beginners. *Learn how to choose the perfect fabric for your sewing project here!

  • Check out the pattern's size chart to find your size, before placing your order. *You can learn how to measure your body here.

sewing patterns for beginners, beginners sewing projects

So, you've ordered a Sewing Pattern that needs a new or a difficult for you technique. What should you do?

If that is an element like an outer pocker or something else decorative, you can likely skip that step. Otherwise, learning a new skill isn't always a walk in the park, however it worths the time and effort. So, check out the related instructions, find useful tutorials on Youtube and give it a try on a fabric scrap or in a useless old garment.

All sewing techniques get easier in every pass :)


Check out our section of Easy Sewing Patterns & meet some of our favorites!

sewing patterns for beginners

Gerbera is the perfect loose tshirt pattern! It has oversize fit, dropped shoulders, narrow neck panel and wide sleeves. Use it for t-shirts or sweaters all year round. This is a quick and easy sewing project.

sewing patterns for beginners

You will love sewing Erato dress! It has an easy fit, very flattering V neckline, below knee length, elasticated waist! You'll wear this dress from morning to evening!

sewing patterns for beginners

Margi is a wide leg pants pattern with elasticated waistband and relaxed, loose fit. One of the most useful basic patterns as it can be sewn up in so many fabrics all year round!


Hope this post is helpful for you!

Enjoy sewing!!!

Sophie xxx

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