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Why you should start Sewing & How to do it!

Updated: Feb 23

Sewing is a creative skill, fun, with uncountabe benefits! And it's easier than you think!!

How to start sewing

The Benefits

- Sewing encourages creative thinking and enhances knowledge, which can help with problem solving in other areas of life, too.

- Reduces stress and anxiety. The meditative action of sewing offers positive, relaxed and happy feelings.

- Creativity which is required for sewing, improves the brain's ability to grow new cells. So, it promotes your mental growth.

- The attetion to detail that sewing needs improves hand-eye coordination.

- Sewing fights dementia. As you have to remember specific steps, it works the brain with keeping the mind active, focus and clear.

- As sewing it's a way to express yourself, it helps your confidence and your self-esteem.

Making your own clothes

Each of us is unique! By making your own clothes, you escape from the fast fashion industry and create the unique handmade wardrobe you deserve!

You are able to create your style in line with your own aesthetic and choose the fabrics and colors you prefer.

Enviromental impact

Buying clothes from today's fast fashion industry means that there is a never ending amount of clothing going to landfill. By sewing your own clothes you are more likely to love them and wear them for longer. Also, you can choose natural, eco fabrics.

Another great benefit when you know how to sew is that you are able to refashion your clothes, turning them in somenthing else, instead of throwing them away.

how to start sewing _ sewing projects

How to start sewing!

- Get a sewing machine. There's a wide variety of models to suit your needs and they vary in size, shape, functionality and cost. What you really need for a start is a basic model that has a straight stitch for the most stitching and an adjustable zig zag stitch with which you can finish seams and sew knit fabrics.

- Gather the basic tools. Iron & iron board, a tape measure, a fabric scissors, a paper scissors, a seam ripper, marking tools, pins and needles.

- Learn how to use a sewing machine. You can find a related Video on our YouTube channel.

- Measure your body. It is important to know your measurements for picking up your patterns. For doing it correctly read a related article here!

- Choose your first project. Pick up a pattern for woven fabrics which includes detailed sewing instructions and needs only simple techniques.

You could try from our collection: Erato dress, Adriana dress, Margi pants or Anna knot bag.

-Buy some fabric and matching thread. I would suggest woven, non slippery, medium weight fabrics such as cotton poplin, canvas or viscose.

-Get sewing! To get familiar with it, start with some testing. Stitch many straight lines following the machine's quide and then try some curved ones.


Watch a video!

Hope this article was helpful for you!

Sophie xxx

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