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Sew inspired by 60's mood!

Updated: Feb 23

Do you know how many of today's trends have their roots in 60's Decade?

Sew inspired by 60's mood


The Swinging 60's, as they became known, was an extraordinary decade of change and ushering in a new era. Women were fighting to get their voices heard, they demanded recognition, they start making things happen for themselves and taking pleasure to do so.

Every area of popular culture was making revolutionary changes. The Beatles and the Rolling Stones changed the look and sound of music. Fashion turned a corner as many talended designers such as Mary Quant, Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Laura Ashley & Pierre Gardin redefined modernity. The rapid technological developments in the textile industry lead to materials that have never been used before in the Fashion industry. Fresh-faced photographers such as David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Brian Duffy changed the style of photography from formal studio to energetic street style 'reality'.

These were the most popular key looks of the Decade.

- Shift dresses .The A-line shift dress that fell in a clean line from shoulder to mid-tigh. Usually sleeveless or in short sleeves with oversized patch pockets.

- Mini skirts . Mary Quant in London and Andre Courreges in Paris can both claim the invention of the mini skirt. Hemlines started creeping higher at the start of the decade, but by 1965 and after they had risen to mid-thigh and were to become even shorter.

- Palazzo Pajamas . All over printed suits usually with psychedelic prints in silk fabrics, worn with jewelled sandals.

- Mini pinafore dresses . Worn over turtleneck sweaters and white or printed shirts.

- Graphic lines . Thick and thin stripes and geometric checks were used to create strong graphic impact in many of the pared-down simple shapes.

- Collars .

- Boots .

- Oversized sunglasses .

As you can see, many of the 60's trends continue to inspire us today!

Bibliography: Vintage fashion by Zandra Rhodes



Most trends of this decade have remained all-time-classic. Nevertheless, in this season they are making a loud comeback. Check out our related patterns!

The basic, shift dress falls almost straight from the shoulders, has bust darts, back waist darts and closes with an invisible zipper at the center back. There is the option to sew it with collars and you can choose between three sleeve lengths.

Loose fit with exceptional sleeves

Pansy dress pattern has a straight loose fit, short length, while exceptional sleeves are two in one :) Making them with a simple hem you'll have an A line, adding elastic you'll have the bishop shape.

The classic A-line, short skirt to sew in a multitude of colors & fabrics all wear long! High waisted with shaped waistband and back darts. Closes with an invisible zipper.

The ideal dress for layering outfits!

The sleeveless, short, loose fit, vest dress is a big trend! IVY pattern is unlined while it has an all-in-one facing.


Hope you love 60's mood.

Enjoy sewing!

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