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FREE Sewing Planner

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

It's our welcome present!

When you sign up in our newsletter you get in your mailbox our PDF Sewing planner for FREE|

Pick it up now!

You will receive three different form pages. The Sewing project planner, the Body measurements form and the Fabric Inventory. These ultimate tools will help you having your sewing tasks tidy and organized, so you can feel free to focus on creativity!

Get it here!

-Sewing project planner is designed for keeping tracked and organized all your sewing projects. It's also perfect for planning your future ones! There is room for filling in the project's details, listing the supplies you need to buy or already have and for adding any necessary notes. There is a space for sketching your project and for tagging your fabric swatch.

-Body measurement chart is extremely useful for choosing the correct pattern sizes and help you know where to blend between pattern sizes. This form can also be helpful for sketching, by tracing it's croquis. There are the basic needed measurements, indication lines and room to fill more.

-Fabric inventory form will help you keep record of you fabrics.

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Enjoy sewing!

Sophie xxx


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