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Tips for the Holiday suitcase !

Updated: Feb 23

I know.... you'd love to take ALL your sewing makes with you :)

Hi girls! It's Sophie here, having a few days of holidays :)

Everytime I start packing my things, I have the same feeling. I'd like to take ALL my Sewing makes with me! Τhat can't be done (I really have too many), so here are my tips for choosing.

First off all, I count how many outfits I'll need. I like to have two for each day (one for the morning & one for the evening). Also, I always grab a jacket for just in case. Did you ever found yourself in a windy summer night with 10 dresses and nothing to put over?

As on the Summer holidays we spend most of the time outdoors, I think that feeling comfy is a necessity. So, the pieces I picκ up, are firstly comfy and secondly pretty. Of course, ideally they are both! So, I look for loose fit Dresses, Pants, Skirts & Shorts with elastic waist and casual tops. I have to also mention here, swimwear, underwear & pajamas which are obvious.

At last, I try to have a color palette and not many outfits with the same color. Of course I have a favorite color (it's red by the way), but who wants a boring suitcase?

So here's the resume:

  • Count and take with you only the amount you need

  • Pick up the most comfy ones

  • Have a color palette

I wish you all have great Holidays wearing the best of all, a smile all the time!

Sophie xxx

*My pics were taken at the Greek Island 'Crete'.


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