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  • How many sizes are included in each pattern?
    Our Clothing patterns almost always are multi-sized, including a range of 5 sizes. It might be 10-18 or 20-28. At the pattern details section you will find each pattern's size range. Accessories sizes differ, depending on the design. You will find finished dimensions at each pattern details section.
  • What sizes do patterns come in?
    Our sizes come in 10 - 28 and are close to European ready-to-wear sizing. As sizes, grading and measurements often differ among countries, please check our SIZE CHART for the right for you size in our pattern store.
  • Are seam allowances included in the patterns?
    Yes! Seam allowances are included in the patterns. They are a standard 1cm or 3/8'' for all seams unless otherwise noticed at the sewing instructions.
  • How much fabric will I need?
    There is a detailed chart in each pattern instructions, where you will find how much fabric is required depending on your size.
  • What do I need to print the patterns?
    You will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to open and print the pdf files. In case it is not already instaled in your computer you can get one free here:
  • Can I print only my size?
    Yes! You have the option to print only your size. Follow these easy steps: Open your file on Adobe and klick on the layers button (the blue one on the left). If you like to print only your size uncheck the eyes on the buttons leaving the one for the informations and the one you need. Print.
  • How do I get in touch with you?
    You can drop us a line via email at OR fill in the form at the CONTACT page.
  • Can I sell items made from your sewing patterns?
    No. Items made from these sewing patterns is allowed to be used for yourself or as gifts, not to sell them to others.
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